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Professional property management

Professional property management

Professional property managementProfessional property management

Meet the Team

Diana & William Hatter: Property Managers


Thanks for giving us consideration with your property.  I have included below a brief history of our rental property management program. 

We are a family owned and operated Virginia company with beginnings starting with my father in 1950.  He envisioned extended family working together with common goals and ambitions. That vision is realized as six sons and their ever growing family’s network and partner to bring you a Full Service Property Management/ Construction company.  The values and ethics taught in those early years still guide our business decisions every single day.  Attention to detail, responsive hands-on personable service will always be in demand.  We bring confidence and peace of mind knowing that we strive to perform at a high level of excellence; every single task, and every single day!

Diana began property management and maintenance with Estate management and commercial properties in 1998.  As the strong need for residential property care became so prevalent, she moved to private and estate management exclusively in 2002, and we still care for our first residential client’s home.   With our diverse skills, we find that most if not all of your maintenance, and property management needs receive our personal care and attention.  Our quotes are personalized “no hidden fees” program to meet your budget and needs.

What We do


We offer a full suite of property management tools to investors, homeowners and landlords. Let us do the work so you can relax knowing your property is in great hands.


Handling rental matters can be stressful and time consuming. Our goal is to increase occupancy and decrease hassle.  Rental property is our business.  We operate as a Concierge service with your vacation rental clients.

Short-Term Rental

Have you been thinking about putting your place up for vacation or short-term rental, but feel nervous having strangers in your home? Let us ensure the safety of your property and your peace of mind. 

                                                                                                                                                                          Property Management:

            {included in retainer}

           Weekly House Checks

           Arrival & Departure Care

           Guest Services

           Minor maintenance



           Key & Priority Services

           Program Labor Savings

24/7 Emergency Phone Service

           Light Bulb Services

           Hot Tub Weekly Checks


           Leaf Blowing

           Chimney Inspections

           HVAC Filter Service

           Smoke Alarm Service

           Severe Weather Checks

           Home Access for Service Providers

           Freshen-up Service


Contractor Services available:

           Partnering with Hatter & Sons, Inc.

           Class A Full Service Contractor.

Additions & Renovations

Bath & Kitchen Remodeling

Cabinets:  Design & installation

Crawl Space Encapsulation

Custom Home Building

Decks:  Design & Construction




Interior & Exterior Trim




Stone Work

Tile Installation

Water Damage Reclamation

Window Repair & Replacement

Listed below are some of our services, and are willing to bid on any areas of interest to you.

Appliance Repair                                          

Cabinetry                                                        Mulching

Chimney Cleaning                                        Painting

Deck Pressure Washing & Staining          Plumbing Repair

Electrical Repairs                                         Routine House Checks

Severe Weather checks                                Snow Removal

Tree & View Trimming                                Gutter Cleaning                                            

Weed Trimming                                            House  Cleaning                                           

Weekly House checks                                  Heating & AC Service 

Window Cleaning